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Dear Parents,

Please see below in regards to the Mindfulness Lesson on April 11, 2017.  This lesson was focused on mindfulness around human emotions and this is an incredibly important area for our students.  How they manage their emotions and how better to recognize and address them in a healthy way is so important.  These life skills can be life changing!  We hope that you can discuss this lesson with your child and can practice these exercises with them as well! Over time they will internalize these practices and they will serve them well!


Thanks so much for your support of this program!  We don't want parents to miss out on Mindfulness Wednesdays with Charlie Allen immediately following assembly in the school library!  Please plan to participate! You will not regret this time or this opportunity!


St. Mark School

April 11, 2017



"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart"  ― Helen Keller



Thank you Mrs. Reina for sharing the reflection you had with your students after mindfulness.

Thank you Toni for sharing how your students are connecting to these practices.


Roots of Emotions

Since we have learned the language of our mind and our body, now we can understand where emotions come from.  When we get angry, sad, excited...we begin to think a lot.  Instead of thinking a lot, we can work with our body sensations.  Every time we have the same thought over and over, we can imagine it like leaves on a branch.  You can put your arm up and picture it like a branch of thoughts.  If you track down the branch, down your arm, there is always a root of emotion in your body.  When you can identify the feeling in your body, you can work with it.  When we go to the source of emotions, we can learn to feel them in our bodies and work with them.  If you're angry you can't fix it by thinking about it, but you can go inside your body, feel what angry feels like, and let the sensations go.


Vacuum Breath

The vacuum breath can help us relax and let go of stressful feelings really fast. Every, parents, teachers, get stressed sometimes.  There are certain events that create reactions inside of us.


If someone jumps out behind the bookcase and scares you, your whole body would tighten up.  It's easy to see that reaction in the body.  Other types of reactions happen in the body but we don't notice them as much.


If you get left out of a game your friends are playing, you may feel angry, anger may feel like tightness in your belly or heat in your face.


If someone says something mean to you, you may feel sad, sad may feel like an ache in your heart or a heaviness in your body.


No one likes to feel this way, but we don't know how to make ourselves feel better.


One way we can make ourselves feel better is by using the vacuum breath.


With the vacuum breath, we can find these feelings in our bodies, suck them up with our vacuum cleaner, and then let them go.


Let's start

Put on your mindfulness bodies

Let's do a body scan to see where we may feel stress or difficult emotions

As you go through your body see if there are any uncomfortable feelings or emotions 

Just notice them

Head, shoulders, arms, heart, belly, legs, feet


Did anyone notice any uncomfortable feelings or emotions?


"My belly squished, my belly felt squishy, my belly felt like marshmallows"



"I noticed a thought of going to my friend's house, I feel my my mouth like I'm gonna throw up, I'm sad I'm not going to see my cousin...I feel it in my feels like aching"



"I feel a tingling, I feel goosebumps on my arms and legs, my ankle is hurting, my head is calm, my eyes hurt"



"I feel an uncomfortable feeling in my heart...sad...I miss my dog, my legs hurt, my leg feels sleepy...tingling, I feel scared in my dad is going on a trip and I think he is going to get in a car crash, I had a good thought in my heart...happy...I'm going to a camp on spring break"



"My shoulders...pain...I used my breath and felt better, shoulders...back...tensed...I used my breath and felt better, shoulders...tingling, eyes...flickering, felt felt chill (relaxed),"



"My head...a lot of thoughts, knees and shoulders...hurting, head...headache, arm...flea bite, elbow...hurting"



"My legs...achy, bottoms of my feet...hurt, shoulders...tension...I was able to use my breath and release it,, back...achy"



"My feet...sore, hands...fidgety, head...thoughts...math test, legs...tingling...where I got a shot, head...wobbling, exhausted...whole body, leg...shaking"


What can we do with them?


We can use our vacuum breath!


When you breath in, you can imagine the vacuum in your belly sucking all of the uncomfortable feelings you may have.


Hold the breath in your belly for 3 seconds.


Let all the air come out of your body and the uncomfortable feelings with it.  Just like you were emptying the dust out of a vacuum cleaner.


As you breathe out, let your body totally relax.  Let go. (3 times)


How do you feel?

"Good, relaxed"


Now that you've experienced the vacuum breath, you can do it anywhere!  The next time you're feeling scared, angry, can try using the vacuum breath.  The vacuum breath can help you calm down and let go of those uncomfortable feelings.


Next week, we will practice heartfulness by exploring destructive emotions.


With love,