Grades of Green Student Project

Recycling Guide by Noah Skoog

My family and I aren’t always sure which bin our trash belongs in, but we want to be eco-friendly. It isn’t always convenient to search the internet every time you want to know how to sort your trash. In France last summer, I saw a pamphlet that helped people know where to put their trash, and I thought to myself that if in Los Angeles we had a pamphlet as handy as this one, we could be more eco-friendly. So, I decided that my Grades of Green project for this year would be a trash sorting pamphlet that could fit easily in your pocket. On one side of the pamphlet, the items are sorted in alphabetical order, and on the other side, items are organized by trash, recycle, compost, and common household hazardous wastes. This pamphlet will help everyone sort their trash appropriately, and I want to share it with my community.  With this pamphlet, the community can change their habits and learn how to sort their trash correctly. It is an easy, efficient, and more enjoyable way to learn how to recycle and make a positive impact on the environment.