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Ticket Information


Which wristband do you need?


Unlimited Ride Wristband – Any adult or child who plans to go on a lot of rides several times. Go on any (age/height appropriate) ride as many times as you want without having to deal with tickets.


General Admission Wristband – Any adult or child over the age of 3 who wants to enter the fenced “carnival” area of the festival, but does not plan to ride any, or very few rides.


In order to visit Craft Town, the carnival rides, and the beer and wine tent, you must have EITHER the unlimited ride or the general admission wristband. You do not need both.  Food trucks, live music, and vendor booths will be on the street and will not require a wristband.


What are the tickets for?


Tickets can be used to participate in Craft Town events, play the carnival games, or ride any of the rides.  Each craft, game, or ride will be worth a designated number of tickets (average of 5 tickets per item).  If you have the unlimited ride wristband, this takes the place of tickets for the rides only.  Tickets must still be used for the games and crafts.