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Student Learning Expectations



  • A knowledgeable and practicing Catholic or Christian who:
    • Makes life choices based on Christian morals and values
    • Undertakes faith formation with interest and purpose
    • Contributes actively to school, parish and community
  • An active and confident learner who:
    • Possesses a strong foundation in all major subjects
    • Communicates effectively, thinks critically and solves problems creatively
    • Participates in and appreciates music, athletics, and the arts
    • Embraces and applies technology responsibly and ethically  
    • Demonstrates good citizenship and sportsmanship and cooperation in both work and play
  • A responsible and engaged community member who:
    • Exhibits leadership qualities
    • Takes initiative and  participates through service
    • Appreciates his/her individual heritage and that of others
    • Understands history’s impact on the current world