The Importance of Scholarships at St. Mark School

The Giving Spirit of The New Year Lives At St. Mark School Through Scholarships


After what I hope was a great break for all of our students and families, 2018 is off and running at St. Mark School! As we look at new beginnings in the new year, I’ve been reflecting on what makes our community so special. One of the things I am most proud of is the importance of providing scholarships to students who otherwise may not be able to get an education like ours. We make it a priority to raise funds for and invite students to our school to not only get a values-based education but to become productive members of our community.


As one of eight children, I am certain that my parents gave up a lot to send all of us to Catholic schools!  They believed in and were passionate about a Catholic education and they conveyed that to me over the decades. My parents are both deceased and one significant loss that I feel is that they did not live long enough to get to know St. Mark School. My father died just three months prior to my taking the position of principal. I know that my long career in Catholic schools meant a lot to them and I am grateful to have carried on this legacy.


I was a recipient of financial aid both in high school and college. Each year when I make a donation to my alma maters, (Holy Names Academy in Seattle, Washington) and Santa Clara University (a Jesuit school in San Jose, California) I pledge to support students like myself who would never have had these opportunities if it had not been for scholarships and funding provided by donors. I owe it to both schools to pay back what was extended to me.  My life has been so enriched by my elementary, high school, college, and post-college education experiences!


As my parents got older and all of us were grown, they had the means to support their alma maters and ours. They modeled this generosity for all of us and it meant a lot to them. Their commitment to educational institutions and to church continued until their deaths. This deep belief that Catholic schools and parishes change lives, open doors, cultivate a faith-based life, as well as rich lifelong relationships, is deeply embedded in my DNA and I certainly hope that I have passed this on to my two sons both of whom benefited from the Catholic experience.


St. Mark School extends financial aid to 10% of the student body and 5% of the operating budget goes to providing these resources.  We should all be proud of this! These deserving students and families are engaged in the life of the school, thriving in this special community. Generous donors - parents, grandparents, foundations, and friends of the school - support these efforts because they believe in making Catholic school education accessible to those who might not otherwise be able to participate.  They want to make it accessible because they believe that it changes lives. I believe that too - because it changed mine and because I see the impact that it has every day, every moment, in every classroom, with every student at St. Mark School!


If you are looking for ways to contribute financially to your community in 2018 and you believe in Catholic schools and the enormous impact that accessing them has on lives, you can support scholarships at St. Mark School by giving to the Education Fund!


Thank you to all of our families and Happy New Year!


During my early education in Catholic School

Me during my early education in Catholic School


 With my parents and most of my siblings