We are so fortunate to have a mindfulness program at St. Mark School.  Please review the past two session curricula to see the great skills that our students are beginning to learn to master!  It's so exciting to see them taking this training so seriously as we all know that it can be life changing over time!


St. Mark School

April 12, 2018



“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”  -Aristotle



Thank you St. Mark teachers and students for the warm welcome!

Thank you 5th grade for sharing the Bob Ross quote and the connection to our practice.

Thank you 7th grade for sharing your favorite practices from last year.

Thank you Mary Ann for our conversation.


Weather Report

Once students have experienced embodiment, attention, and heartfulness, we bring them all together.  We can have students check in to their bodies, minds, hearts, and relationships.  They learn to become aware of the state of their inner and outer worlds.  This ability to reflect on all aspects of our awareness simultaneously is a powerful tool for regulation, attention, and prosocial behavior.


Begin by checking into your body.  It’s like checking the weather report and noticing where the sensations are and what they are like.  Scan through your body noticing what’s there.  Head, shoulders, arms, hands, legs, feet.


Now let’s explore the mind.  Check into the weather pattern of your thoughts.  Notice how focused you are, how busy your thoughts are, watch your thoughts float by like clouds.  


Now let’s check into our hearts.  Check the weather pattern of your emotions.  Without trying to change your emotion, see if you can accept whatever you find inside.  Notice what emotions are present, your stress level, and how open your heart is.


Now let’s check into our relationships.  Reflect on the classroom and the relationships with other students and teachers.  Take a moment to see how much drama or friendliness is happening.  Reflect on your own levels of empathy, frustration, or other emotions.


Open your eyes, wiggle your fingers, wiggle your toes, tap up your body, sweep it off.


What did you notice in your body, mind, and heart?  



“A slow rollercoaster, my heart was beating, a hampster, a cat, my eyeball, asking my mom and dad if I can have a play date”



“Happy...tired, sad...in my heart, sad...in my mind, happy and excited...my dad signed me up for 10 soccer games, excited...my mom signed me up for cooking, sad...in my heart, excited...in my heart, excited and happy...I’m going to the father daughter dance”



“Fidgety, fidget spinner, happy...good, it felt like I was laying in bed...really relaxed and happy, I felt really tight all over, pain in my legs, very relaxed, I could feel the earth moving, when you said check in with your thoughts...it made me think of the popcorn maker...I did it without popping my hand up”



“Puppies...happy, no gravity...my feet feel asleep, I looked at the carpet and noticed lots of colors, I thought of art...when I’m mad I paint...I paint my emotions and then it’s out of my body”



“Stressed, my eyes were distracted, I felt calm...no pain, stressed and hungry, quiet, tired and hungry, silliness, it felt like I woke up from a nap”



“Stress...the musical...nervous, my hands were hurting...my feet were sore, how I’m friends with one person and other people aren’t friends with that person and how that feels, my thoughts change quickly, when you said feel in your heart...I felt sad...I miss my cousin, stress...friends...emotions...I started problem solving, hurting...scratches from my cat, my toe feels numb...like it needs to crack, my arm feels swollen”



“It felt like two worlds...good like heaven happy memories like I accomplished something...bad arguments...choose to focus on the good, it felt like one world..like the good and the bad are intertwined, I was distracted...but I was able to bring it back”



“My ribs, I got distracted...but I was able to come back, I usually have a lot of thoughts...I didn’t have as many thoughts, when you said like clouds floating by...it reminded me of the movie UP”



“Calm...I focused on the trees outside, the bottoms of my feet were stinging, pain of thoughts from the past”



“Lots of thoughts, still...first time all day...I tuned into each body part, it felt like tabs open on a computer screen...frustrating...5 breaths...the tabs close and I slip into a deep relaxation, daydreaming to focusing on positive thoughts to nothing”


Today, we checked the weather report by checking into our body, mind, and heart.  By taking mindful moments to check into our body, mind, and heart, we are caring for ourselves.  We notice what is there and use the breath to work through any uncomfortable feelings.


Next week, we will check our stress levels by checking into our emotions.


With gratitude,