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How can I join the Board?

Thank you for your interest in joining the Saint Mark School Board. 


The process for nomination and election to the St. Mark School Board is detailed in the Constitution and Bylaws of the Board and excepted below.

 The Board will elect  new members in June  to expand the board to replace "graduating" members. 

 Notices will go out in the coming weeks in both the school and church bulletins. We hope you consider joining the Board and appreciate your commitment to the school and our children's eduction. 

 If you have any questions please feel free to speak to any Board member or send an email to


 Section A of the Bylaws details the process:

1. In the middle of each academic year (Jan/Feb meeting), the Policy/Planning Committee shall form a recruitment team, composed of the School Principal, three (3) voting members of the board and two (2) members at large from the school community selected in accordance with the Constitution shall initiate the selection of candidates to fill vacant voting membership slots on the board for the following year.

2. Notice of the election date to fill these slots on the board will be published in the school newsletter and the Parish Sunday Bulletin.

3. All candidates must submit a written response to the board outlining their background and qualifications. Candidates can submit their intention to join the board via email to 

4. The recruitment team will submit a slate of four candidates and up to four alternates for final Executive Committee vote.

5. The candidates with the highest number of votes shall be presented for appointment in accordance with Article III (1) of the Constitution.

6. New voting members of the board shall be selected each year by the May meeting and shall take office at the following board meeting.

7. In the event a vacancy occurs, the recruitment team will appoint a replacement to serve the balance of term vacated with approval of the Executive Committee.