Board Minutes & Bylaws

St. Mark School Advisory Board of Directors Meeting

January 22, 2018


Meeting called by Kevin Kelly

Advisory Board Members:

Monica Duffy, David Fletcher, John Hamilton, Andrew or Pammela Jackson, Richard Janes, Kevin Kelly, Jerry Rakfeldt, Guillermo Rebagliatti, Bridget Rohmer, Marc Shrake, Myriam or Mauricio Silva, Christian Vance, Linda G. Vaughan, Steve Wallace, Ray Zarro, James Zucker


Ex-officio: Fr. Paul Spellman (or Blanca Meza, Facilities Director), Mary Ann McQueen, Deacon Joe Girard, Haley Ludwigson


Advisory Board Members Attending Todays Meeting:


Monica Duffy, David Fletcher, Andrew Jackson, John Hamilton, Kevin Kelly, Jerry Rakfeldt, Guillermo Rebagliatti, Marc Shrake, Mauricio Silva, Christian Vance, Linda G. Vaughan, Steve Wallace, James Zucker



Please Read Minutes from 12/11/17



5:30pm – 5:40pm    Call to order – Kevin Kelly

Opening Prayer – Deacon Joe

Motion to approve minutes from 12/11/17 – Motion to approve – motion approved

Visitors Comments – Trina Wilson – Auction Chair, need to encourage attendance, encourage live auction items, few changes with live auction class items. 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th will be on line. Bid items will be mobile bidding. Using Bid Pal Program, also adding gaming, 9pm – midnight. Principal for the day will be a raffle, (2 spots) they are considering offering a Parking Spot for the year as an auction item. They need authorization and will further consider before making a final decision. The Auction Marketing Committee have come up with a slogan for the Raise The Paddle, D.I.G.S. is the slogan, a card will be sent home with an explanation of D.I.G.S. this week. Quick overview of Auction web site.


5:40pm – 6:15pm    Principals Report – Mary Ann McQueen – Introduction to Jennifer Dao, (Principals Assistant and Assistant Director of Admission) run through current applications for 2018/2019. Well attended outreach sessions, Mar Vista and Westchester continue to be a big draw for applications. Data Review of other Catholic Schools in the area. 5th, 6th, 7th Grades next year to be split into 2 classes. Catholic Schools Week announcements sent out to all families.

Powerpoint presentation -


6:15pm – 6:45pm    Committee Reports

Executive - Kevin Kelly


Finance - Linda Vaughan

(Guillermo- Year-end Education Fund update) View report on the School Main Items P & L. Confirmation that Venmo is a great program to use. Guillermo Report, 53% of families by year end had donated to the education fund, verses 63-64% last year, total amount in dollars much higher to date.


Policy / Planning (including recruiting) - James Zucker – Nothing to report


Technology - Christian Vance – hand out – Consider Virtual reality and how we can use this technology in the classroom.


Marketing / Development – Bridget, Steve, Andrew & Monica. Monica reported, what is our focus, getting parents more involved with the church and church events to promote as a community. Take part in the 4th July Parade in Westchester.


Facilities - Ray Zarro / John Hamilton

John - Presenting revised and updated renderings – Posters renderings are going to be made available for the Auction Committee to use to promote the project.


PAC - Tara Walden – not present.


6: 45pm – 7:00pm   New Business -  None


Motion to adjourn

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