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What is PAC?

What is PAC and what do they do?  They….

The Parent Action Committee of Saint Mark School "the PAC"  is a group of parents from the school community who are united in:

  • Promoting education and welfare of children and youth in the home, the school and the community
  • Developing an environment where St. Mark and the community will work together to ensure that St. Mark students enjoy the best in physical, social and academic educational opportunities
  • Providing support to St. Mark School as it relates to providing enrichment and building community amongst its members and students. 


How and when to get involved?

The PAC looks for new members yearly. You can nominate yourself, or someone else for all PAC positions. Nominations are due by April.

Nomination forms are available in the menu to the left.

The Nomination Committee will meet in April to nominate candidates for the position of President and Vice President and appointments will be announced in mid-May.

You can also be a part of the Nomination Committee to elect the positions of President and Vice President. 

All other PAC positions will be appointed from the nominations by the President, Vice President and Principal and announced in mid-May. 


When and Where does the PAC meet?

 PAC meetings are held once a month, on the third Monday of each month. PAC meets in the morning, after drop off, somewhere on campus. Locations can vary due to the dynamic nature of our school. Attendance at these monthly meetings is required by all members of the Executive Committee and during planning/execution periods for Committee Chairs.

Meetings are generally open to any interested parents, unless a closed door session is called by the Executive Committee.