PAC Minutes

Saint Mark School     

           Meeting Minutes

Date: February 4, 2019

Time: 8am

Minutes by: Eric Donaldson


Attendees: Mary Ann McQueen, Father Paul Spellman, Tammy Zucker, Tricia Cazares, Michele Malerba, Eric Donaldson, Caroline Vance, Alexandra Bresnan Bronk, Patrick Nugent, Sarina Grady, Michelle Massetti, Sylvia Exparza, Veronica Ruvalcaba, Cathy Kelly, Diane Hamilton, Trina Wilson, Tara Brown, Claire Robertson, Deborah Bernhard, Irene Astele, Stephanie Dekin, Lilia Duchrow and Casey O’Connell.

Total attendees: 23


Father Paul

Guest Speaker(s):  


Topics & Notes Action items Person(s) responsible Deadline

Topic #1:

  • Parish update
  1. Payday Loans - Predatory Loans
  1. Father Paul

Topic #2:

  • Rock n Roll Run
  1. Annual 5k run at LMU - Saturday March 9, 2019
  2. Sign up early - Price goes up soon
  3. We suggest you wear St. Mark Spirit Wear!  On sale at the
    Used uniform closet on Wednesday mornings.
  4. Good, fun fundraiser for St. Mark - School earned over $900 from.
  5. Younger kids can do a 1K
  6. You don’t have to run.  Walking the course is fun as well!
  7. We need volunteers to help work the event.
  1. Mary Ann McQueen

Topic #3:

  • Social Media/Phones
  1. Social Media Task Force
  • Three parts to this:  Policy, awareness and education
  • School is putting together a task force.
  • Mental health problems are now being revealed.
  • Problem is especially prevalent in middle school girls
  • Parents need to model good behavior
  • Gross motor skill have been impacted.
  1. Mary Ann McQueen
  2. Cathy Kelly

Topic #4:

  • Catholic Schools Week
  1. Everything went very well!
  2. Next year we may need to cut donuts.
  3. Need to look into why water container were leaking.  
    And/or replace with new stainless steel water coolers.
  4. A coffee container upgrade for the hot box
    would be nice as well!
  5. Need more volunteers to help cleanup next year.
  6. Suggestion - Ask Mrs. Romero to have kids
    create decorations for the tables next year.
  7. Kids who attended mass received Free Dress Coupons
  1. Sylvia Esparza

Topic #5:

  • Safeguard The Children
  1. Parish/School joint effort
  2. VPIN - Needs to be updated.  In process. -
    All persons working with minors from the parish
    and school need to be fingerprinted.
  3. Suggested to Father Paul - All persons at school
    and parish must have Virtus Trained and fingerprinted.  
    Currently all must be Virtus Trained, but not fingerprinted.
  4. Fingerprinting needs to be done by Archdiocese in order
    to be in the VPIN system.
  1. Trina Wilson

Topic #6:

  • Auction
  1. Committee is working on updating the communication
    to families.
  2. An “All About” sheet will go out this week to
    explain what the auction is all about.
  3. Early Bird Pricing is $130 - From 2/8 - 2/15.  
    Price goes up to $140 after that.
  4. New at auction.  Spin the wheel to win wine.  
    Bottles will be color coded to show quality of wine.
  5. Fill out donations online this year
  1. Trina Wilson

Topic #7:

  • Raffle
  1. Working with STUCO on prizes to get kids excited!
  2. Mini raffles will help drive kids to sell more tickets.
  3. One student has already sold over 10 books!
  4. Teachers will work with kids on their pitches to
    potential customers
  5. You need to fill out the ticket stubs with your information.  
    The raffle committee does not have the bandwidth to
    fill in this info.
  6. FACTS will automatically charge families who don’t
    sell two books per student. Better to sell the tickets,
    or purchase them if you can’t.
  7. Need to put up a poster with the prizes so the kids
    can see what they can win. Kids can win a Tshirt that
    they can wear everyday for the rest of the year,
    except full dress uniform days.
  8. The Hannon Foundation encourages kids to get out
    into their community. They encourage the kids to
    work on their pitches.
  9. Learning how to sell anything is a good skill to learn!
  1. Veronica Ruvalcaba

Topic #8:

  • Father/Daughter Dance
  1. Everything is going well.
  2. Ticket sales are going well.
  3. Food is locked.  C&O
  4. Two photo booths this year to help make the line go faster
  5. DJ is locked
  1. Veronica Ruvalcaba

Topic #9:

  • Middle School Dance
  1. The MSD Committee has been meeting every Tues at
  2. lunch to organize the event.
  3. Tickets go on sale this week before school and
    during lunch for $10. The ticket price goes up
    to $15 during the week of the dance.
  4. DJ has been hired.  Mrs. McQueen will meet with
    the DJ to go over our expectations for this event.  
    Games and announcements that are intended to get
    all students out on the dance floor and participate are a must!
  5. Smart phones and devices should be left at home.  
    Devices will be checked in at the door. Use of these
    devices will not be permitted during the dance,
    in order to encourage kids to participate.
  6. A few things parents need to know about the dance:
  • This is not a formal dance.  Kids should not ask or
    be asked to attend. This is an event that is open to all
    St. Mark middle school students.  Our goal is 100% participation.
  • This is a drop-off event.  
  • Chaperones are needed.  Students have requested
    that chaperones come from lower grade families,
    rather than their own parents.
  • A signup genius will go out next week requesting chaperones,
    snacks, drinks, help setting up and cleaning up.
  • Kids can dress to the theme, “Blast from the past.”  
    50s style attire is recommended, but not mandatory.
  1. Eric Donaldson
  2. Tricia Cazares

Topic #10:

  • Homework Club
  1. In between activities, kids must go to homework club.  You don’t
    have to go for the whole hour.
    Charges are applied on 15 minute increments.
  2. Always feel free to speak to Mrs. Penn when you have questions.

Topic #11:

  • Teacher’s Training
  1. Teachers are out today for a readers/writers workshop
    in order to help improve skills in those areas.

Topic #12:

  • Admissions Outreach
  1. Thank you to everyone who has recommended the school.
  2. More applications have been submitted than last year

Topic #13:

  • Catholic Schools Week
    Events and Field Trips
  1. TK and K went to the firestation.
  2. 1st and 2nd graders did a project where they thanked
    everyone on campus, and hand  potted succulents
    to give away.
  3. 3rd and 4th collected for a charity for young
    homeless pregnant women.
  4. 5th and 6th graders attended the TACSC
    Leadership conference at St. Bernard High School
  5. 7th and 8th participated at mass at the DTLA cathedral.  
    They took the bus and train to get there!

Topic #14:

  • Dress Code/Cold
    Classroom Question
  1. Parents have reached out to PAC about kids being
    cold in the classrooms.
  2. Fleeces shouldn’t be worn in class.  
    Sweaters are for the classrooms.
  3. Mrs. McQueen will follow up with
    teachers to make sure heaters are
    being used on cold days.

Topic #15:

  • 7th Grade High School
    Preparation Meeting
  1. An email went out over the weekend from
    Mrs. McQueen.  Parents, please read!
  2. High school preparation meeting is on
    Feb. 20th in the Parish Hall
  3. This is a mandatory meeting for all 7th grade parents.  
    Student attendance TBD.
  1. Mrs. McQueen

Topic #16:

  • Girl Scout Cookies
  1. Girl Scout Cookies will be sold at drop off and
    pickup on Friday 2/8
  2. Please support your St Mark Girl Scouts!

Next Meeting/ Announcements:

  • Fri 2/8 - NO Homework Club
  • Tue 2/12 - Admissions Tour
  • Thu 2/14 - Jeans Day - Valentines Theme
  • Mon 2/18 - NO School - Presidents Day
  • Sat 2/23 - Father/Daughter Dance
  • Tue 2/26 - 2nd/3rd Grade Liturgy Potluck
  • Fri 3/1 - Middle School Dance
  • Mon 3/4 PAC Meeting @ 7:45am

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