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LAFD Station 63 – Our local St Mark’s Station (part of West Bureau) – click here.


LAFD West Bureau – click here.


LAPD Pacific Division (serves Del Rey, Manchester Square, Mar Vista, Oakwood, Palms, Playa Del Rey, Playa Vista, Venice, Westchester) – click here.


LAPD Pacific Division Telephone Directory – click here.


LAPD Pacific Division Map with Senior Lead Officer Contact Information – click here.


LAPD Site of Interest (Websites that are related to either LA City, LAPD, or crime prevention agencies) – click here.


LAPD Pacific Division Crime Statistics – click here.


LAPD Crime Stoppers – click here.


LAPD Report a Crime (includes Text-a-Tip, Anonymous Web Tips and many contact numbers – click here.


LAPD HQ General Contacts – click here.


Crime Mapping in the Venice area – click here.



HEAD LICE (factoids courtesy of "Hair Fairies" website)

      Head lice are common and annually affect between 6 and 12 million US kids between 3 and 11 years old. The question may not be "if" your child will get them- but rather "when" will it happen. The first thing to understand is, they are not dangerous but are contagious. Having head lice is not an indicator of unwashed or unclean hair, in fact they thrive in clean hair. They don't jump, fly or swim and cannot live on your pets. They are unable to live in your environment e.g. couch, carpet, furniture, pillow, sheets, mattress, car, movie theaters or airplanes... 

      Head lice can affect anyone and there is no shame in acquiring these pesky pests. Begin treatment as soon as possible and alert others who may also e infected immediately, they will usually appreciate the heads up. Feel free to offer information to those who react adversely- unfortunately ignorance on the subject is abundant and can jeopardize relationships until all are educated on these annoying critters.

      There are many reliable head lice removal specialists out there, and they can often manage to make time for you within hours, either at their salon or even at your home. They are also a great resource for information, and a calming influence especially when it is your first time dealing with head lice. Below are some websites and videos to help familiarize you with this common and highly contagious varmint.


Useful Websites on Head Lice

       Hair Fairies website (salon in Santa Monica) – click here.

RIDLICE website – click here.

WEBMD website – click here.

Healthline website – click here.

SKLICE website – click here.


Useful Videos on Head Lice

LICE!!! - click here.

What do lice and nits look like in the hair? Click here.

How to check your child for head lice / Part 1 of 2 - click here.

How to check for head lice by a professional lice remover - click here.





Active shooters are an extremely rare, low probability-high impact event for which we must prepare ourselves. Below are some links to a wide variety of information to help you prepare for such an event.


DHS Active Shooter General Info – click here.

Homeland Security National Terrorism Advisory System – click here.


DHS Active Shooter Info / Available Materials a/o Feb 4, 2017 – for Private Citizens

Active Shooter Booklet

Active Shooter Pamphlet

Active Shooter Poster

Active Shooter Poster (Spanish)

Active Shooter Pocket Card

Active Shooter Pocket Card (Spanish)

Planning and Response to an Active Shooter: An Interagency Security Committee Policy and Best Practices Guide