Casey O'Connell visit to 5th grade! - Service trip to Bolivia

Dear families,
This past Monday we had a very very special visit in 5th grade's Spanish class.
Casey O'Connell, Connor's mom, visited us to share about the trip to Bolivia her and her son did with Operacion Sonrisa (Operation Smile). 
Operation Smile is a nonprofit medical service organization founded in 1982 by Connor's grandparents, Dr. Magee and his wife Kathy Mageeto, that provides surgeries in developing countries around the world to kids with a cleft lip or cleft palate.
Casey's and Connor's did a presentation about the organization, their experience in Bolivia, and the country. All in Spanish! Casey's skills in the language are impressive, and Connor shows such growth in his fluency.
Students really enjoyed it. They were so engaged, we had to stop at some point the Q&A to go to recess! 
THANKS again to the Magee O'Connell's for sharing with us their experience!
Please go to Photo Album to see the pictures, taken by Amelia Rohmer and Isla Flannery.