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About Mrs. Florin & Ms. Fredian

Mrs. Claire Florin

Mrs. Florin is incredibly excited to start her first year at St. Mark teaching Kindergarten. This will be her 9th year teaching, having taught Kindergarten for 6 years and 2nd Grade for 2 years. Mrs. Florin received her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and her Teaching Credential and Master’s Degree in Elementary Education from Loyola Marymount University. She has experience working at schools within both the Los Angeles and Chicago Archdioceses. Mrs. Florin truly believes in the amazing community a Catholic school creates for its families and she is excited to continue upholding those values at St. Mark. Her own educational philosophy centers on teaching the whole student: academically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. She strives to make genuine connections with her students and work together as a team with their families to ensure they feel supported in their learning and cared for when they are in her classroom and beyond.

Mrs. Florin grew up in Los Angeles and attended Catholic School from Kindergarten through high school. She spent five years living in Chicago while her husband was attending medical school. Although she loved their time in Chicago, she is happy to be back in sunny California! She loves spending time with her family at the beach and going on walks with her little corgi, Ollie.


Ms. Lindsey Fredian
Ms. Fredian is very excited to start her second year in kindergarten at St. Mark! Kindergarten holds a special place in her heart. Ms . Fredian received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Dayton and her master’s degree in Early Childhood Education at DePaul University. Ms. Fredian was a  resident at the Academy for Urban School Leadership in Chicago, a network of schools in Chicago devoted to training effective teachers to give students more academic opportunities in Chicago’s under performing schools. She went on to teach kindergarten in Chicago Public Schools for 2 years.

After leaving Chicago last August, Ms. Fredian has acclimated quickly to the warm and sunny city of Los Angeles. She loves having access to year-round outdoor activities including hiking, swimming, walking her dog, and appreciating the beauty of nature in her surroundings. Ms. Fredian attended Catholic school from kindergarten through her graduate education, she understands the unique benefit of a Catholic education. She seeks to create and maintain genuine relationships with her students and their families. She believes in teaching the whole person. She strives to know her students on an academic level, as well as on a personal level. This facilitates effective teaching, proper motivating, and instilling a love to learn in her students