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  • 00:36 MAS_ Morning Announcement in Spanish_ Peace Builder! Sofia & Lilly

    For the first time at St Mark, students recite the PeaceBuilders Pledge in Spanish, led by Sofia and Lilly. As advanced students, they first translated the pledge, prepared a video to instruct other students, and finally, they presented it today. Natural and accurate pronunciation that reflect a lot of practice. Excellent work!

    Uploaded Jan 10, 2019by Ana Garate
  • 00:24 Poem of the Week

    Students memorized the poem "Caterpillar" and thought of the hand motions themselves. When reading memorized poems at home, it is a great time to practice the skill of pointing to words as you read along together!

    Uploaded Nov 28, 2018by Elizabeth Dees & Lauren Cook
  • 00:47 Poem of the Week

    On Monday, we started our first poem of the week. The students were so excited to make this video recording to share on our website! We will soon be sending special poems notebooks home so students can share their weekly poems with you.

    Uploaded Oct 24, 2018by Elizabeth Dees & Lauren Cook
  • 00:24 October Poem read by the 1st Grade Class :)

    Just a little video to brighten your day! Poems are a wonderful way to practice reading fluency. Here, the 1st Grade practices reading an October poem. Of course, they wanted to create their own motions to go along with it!

    Hope you enjoy!

    The First Grade Team

    Uploaded Oct 11, 2018by Dana Musulin & Kate Donahue
  • 1:42 Morning Announcements in Spanish_Eliza & Zoltan_May 2018

    Such a beautiful presentation of the morning announcement and prayer. Eliza (1st grade) practiced relentlessly to grasp all the words and achieve this natural confident pronunciation. Zoltan (2nd), an advanced Spanish speaker, presents the "Our Father" prayer flawlessly. Congratulations, niƱos!

    Uploaded May 30, 2018by Ana Garate

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