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Meet Our Principal, Mr. Tim Bersin

In St. Mark’s gospel, Jesus tells the parable of the sower who scattered his seed among the rocky, scorched, thorny and good earth.  Only the seed that landed on the good soil grew, producing a harvest thirty, sixty and hundred fold.

In so many ways, St. Mark School is that good soil!

Our students love and embrace the learning environment our dedicated faculty and staff foster here at St. Mark.  Our parish supports our faith-filled mission that serves as the backbone of our Student Learning Expectations.  And our parents choose St. Mark as a school community that partners with them on the academic growth of their students as well as the development of their Catholic and Christian values.

The lessons our students learn and the friendships they develop here on this good soil will sustain them throughout their life.

Feel free to see for yourself.  We hope our website provides you with a glimpse of the spirit and joy that St. Mark students feel when they walk through the front doors.  Or, if you are considering joining the St. Mark School community, we invite you to learn more about what St. Mark has to offer by visiting us in person.


Tim Bersin
St. Mark School