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Student Safety

Safety at St. Mark School
Student safety is our #1 priority at St. Mark. Teachers & staff are diligently trained in safety procedures and protocol, and the utmost precautions are taken everyday to ensure the safety of our students. Below is a brief overview of our daily safety procedures, but please consult the Parent Student handbook for more information, and never hesitate to contact us with any questions or feedback.

Morning Drop-Off:
-Only cars picking up and dropping off students are allowed to enter the drive through line. Cars should be marked with our St. Mark magnet as a way of helping staff identify parent cars. And remember, drive slowly! Staff should stand between the car and student until the student has safely passed out of the driving area. Only after the student has cleared the area should the car continue driving.
-Student safety during pick-up and dismissal requires vigilance from all adults. Avoid being distracted by cell phones or conversation, and always keep your eyes & ears open to protect our kids!
-Late arriving students must check in with the office and obtain a tardy slip. The tardy slip is not only a means of tracking attendance, but is also an important element of safety as it lets the teacher know that the student has checked in and is accounted for.

During the School Day:
-No one will be allowed to enter the building without first being identified via the front door camera and stating their name & reason for entering. Please help us by following this procedure diligently, and by always signing in in the visitor book at the entrance desk. Parent volunteers should also obtain a volunteer badge at the office & wear it at all times.
-Classrooms are to remain unlocked when occupied by staff & students, but locked when the room is not being used to prevent any unauthorized use or entry.

Yard Duty:
Staff members are always on supervisory duty when students are at play. Staff will make sure that students stay within view, are respectful of each other, and are not doing anything to jeopardize the safety of their classmates, including not running when the bell rings.
Staff members will escort any visitor that is not properly identified to the office for check-in

-Students will only be released to an authorized parent or guardian. No exceptions will be made unless prior authorization has been sought out and approved by the office. If there is any doubt as to who is picking up the child, the office & Principal will be consulted until the situation is clarified.
-The same driving & car procedures as noted above in the Morning Drop-off section should be followed for dismissal.
If a student is engaging in an extra-curricular activity, that should be noted on the student sign-out sheet explicitly