2017-2018 Annual Fund

2017-2018 Education Fund


The unique mission of Catholic schools - empowering students to make a difference in the world - is essential in a society with so much need!


The St. Mark School Annual Fund helps make this a reality by providing essential support for all aspects of the school program.
Last year we raised $112,000 from donations. Parents, foundations, grandparents, faculty, friends and the Church of St. Mark are all responsible for the success of the Education Fund. Replace with this sentence all together.


We have made tremendous strides over the last 12 months to turn these contributions into tangible and long lasting benefits for our students.  Click here to review our 2016-2017 year in review to see how funds are being invested at St. Mark School.



This year we are targeting 100% participation of our school families at whatever giving level is within your means. We are reaching out to additional foundations, alumnae...raising $150,000 to invest in the schools programs, including scholarship, and to complete a planned renovation project designed to expand classroom and office space as well as provide enhanced indoor/outdoor instructional learning areas for our twenty-first century learners.  Additionally, you can select the preferred use of your contributions within the categories below. Thank you for your consideration and kind support.


Or, if you prefer to send a check, please send to:

St. Mark School Education Fund

912 Coeur d’Alene Ave.

Venice, CA 90291


Student Enrichment Activities

After School Programs, Field Trips, Outdoor Education, Music Program, Sports Program.  Student Enrichment Activities have the common goal of assisting all students in developing the critical experiences and skills necessary for academic success outside of the standard elementary and middle school curriculum. Student Enrichment Activities are designed to promote academic excellence through enhancement and supportive activities for students across all levels of academic performance.


Academic Program Enhancements

Math Fluency Program, Accelerated Reader Program, 1:1 Device Program, Faculty Training, Classroom Libraries & Materials, Library & Technology Center, STEM Education - Empower advancements in academic programming and faculty development, in support of the school’s commitment to the delivery of high-quality curriculum and educational experiences. Academic Program Enhancements add significant and meaningful teaching and learning experiences and ensure an ongoing assessment of both our academic program and student learning outcomes.


Classroom & Facilities Improvements

Technology, Equipment, Infrastructure, Safety - The maintenance and modernization of classrooms and facilities, providing equipment that meet current academic, technology and safety standards; ensuring that classrooms and instructional spaces are set up for improved student learning in core subjects like reading, science, technology, and math; replacing aging roofs, plumbing, electrical systems, and heating and cooling systems; improving traffic and safety in and around the school. 



Scholarship, Financial Aid - Scholarships promote cultural pride and strengthen the Saint Mark Community. They promote and honor the ideals and principles of equal opportunity and social justice in education. Eligible students are selected on the basis of demonstrable financial need, family background, scholastic effort and involvement in the community.