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After School Program

Extended Pride seeks to provide families with a well rounded after school program at Saint Mark School. As mentioned within our name, our program was created to extend the Saint Mark pride community by incorporating enrichments and activities that are not only fun but sure to expand student imagination and growth through hands on education and experiences.

Our course offerings range from music, sports, robotics, theater and more. With the vast amount of options to choose from, our students are sure to participate in classes/activities that will spark their interest in new discoveries of their self development and enhance their current unique talents.


All classes offered in Extended Pride are greatly influenced and advised by our community (Saint Mark students, parents and staff). We believe the best way to deliver a profound educational experience for our community is by incorporating a holistic approach which ensures all members are able to voice their interest.


Saint Mark School is proud to call ourselves a One Stop Shop. While students receive a profound education from our amazingly talented teachers and staff during the school day, we also seek to provide our students with a well balanced enrichment program that is offered in the same building during after school hours. While our parents are working vigorously, Extended Pride is sure to provide students a safe and fun after school experience that they will not receive else where!


For more information about Extended Pride, please contact Alicia Sowah, Director of After School Programs.
Email: asowah@stamarkschool.com.